My ‘How I got into Internet Marketing story’

It’s quite different from what most Internet Marketing people will say.
This is because I didn’t have a job I hated, or a lousy boss who paid me peanuts.
You see most of my working life I have been self employed and enjoyed working my business’s.

So actually the only lousy boss I could have had was me, and I didn’t pay myself peanuts either.

I got interested in Internet Marketing almost by accident.

When I sold my last business which was security agencies wholesale I had left quite a large amount of surplus specialized electronic stock the new owner didn’t want the agency for, and I needed to cash this up as value was in into 6 figures.

I decided a good way to sell this was online.

I wrote an Easy Install  Manual and drew up wiring diagrams,  put the stock into Install  It Yourself packages and quite quickly sold this 6 figure amount of stock via the internet.

In fact was so successful  I still do the same today by buying wholesale and selling through online auctions.

About the same time I had completed an in-depth 18 month marketing course,  so I set about getting serious with Internet Marketing as considered this would fit in well with the lifestyle I wanted.

Hi, my name is Bruce Rayner and I have been involved in Internet Marketing since 2005.
Since then it has been a continual learning curve and I cant see this stopping anytime soon.

Truth is soon as you stop learning to keep up with the latest and evolving trends in Internet Marketing you can quickly go into reverse.

Since around  2008 and in particular the past 2 years I have got to know who are the best people to learn from, and whose products or services I have found to be really good.


Avoiding Scam Artists Is Essential

I have a small list of people I subscribe to or buy information from on a regular basis, and these are the ones whose products, software and services I use myself, and  promote or recommend their products as I know I can safely do so.

Occasionally I will do a promotion for a person I haven’t dealt with before, but only after I have done a thorough research on their past and present history  and evaluated their customer satisfaction and support .

If I am satisfied with the results I may promote that particular product.  You can be well assured products or services I do promote I either use myself, have trialed, or thoroughly investigated.

There are unfortunately some Internet Marketers who will regardless of value promote anything and everything  to their list of subscribers provided there is a dollar in it, and unfortunately this is why many people have developed a distrust of internet marketing.

I don’t subscribe to this marketing method, I am only interested building a sustainable Internet business based on trust and value so that it will survive and expand.

If a subscriber does buy of me I will be paid a commission by the author or owner of the product and I make no apology for this, it is business in action.

Capitalism is essential and needs to always be alive and healthy.
This is what makes the world go round and is the basis of all:
  • employment creation,
  • entrepreneurial activities,
  • business development and ownership,
  • helps a country that is well managed  to be  financially sound.

Become A Subscriber

Shortly I will be putting  a form here so people can join my mailing list so meantime please bookmark this site.
I can assure you the wait will be worthwhile as I will always treat you the same way I would want to be treated myself, and I have a wealth of business and marketing experience  I will pass on to subscribers.

I have learnt the hard way who are the  internet people I can always trust to deliver what they promise,  likewise  I have a long list of  people  I would not deal with ever again.
I will be pleased to pass this information and experience on as it will save my subscribers both time and money. 


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