This site is a simple resume of myself.

Over the years since the age of 21 I have started, built up and later sold several successful business’s with each new one mostly being complimentry of the previous one .

Over the past 8 years I set up selling  physical, plus some digital items, via the internet with some good success’s and some failures.

Failures arent a problem as we can learn from these.

Often the only way to find out if something is going to work is try it, tweak it and try some more.  But is best to drop it and move on soon as is looking obvious its chances of success are doubtful.

I have helped several people get started in their own business and my first advice to them has always been to treat people same way you would like to be treated yourself in the circumstance,  so that you build for yourself a solid reputation and this will result in your clients being your best sales people as they will refer  you to others.  You cant buy this type of advertising, only earn it.

I apply the same principals to my internet business, and I am using my experience to bring to people information and deals they may get worthwhile benefit from.

If you would like to join my ermail list to receive information like this on many different topics there is an optin form on the home page.
My guarantee to you is I will never  pass your details to another party,  only send you quality information and you can unsubscribe anytime with one click.

The biggest and hardest  learning curve for me was realizing that a lot of marketers on the internet can be total rotters who are only interested in seperating you from your money and putting it in their own pocket by promoting all sorts of rubbish and outdated information to make a dollar, and then skite about how much money they make so they can suck some more people in.

I have been self employed for over 40 years, enjoy an excellent reputation and intend to stay this way.




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